In this menu, we use unfiltered organic olive oil  from a small, Italian, highly acclaimed top quality mill. Quattrochiocci olive oils have been used by restaurant Toscanini for about a year. With this menu, we want to draw your attention for a moment to the excellence of these olive oils and to the achievements of an ambitious family mill in Italy. From as early as 1888, this family has cherished their olive trees and transferred the tradition and know-how of olive oil production from generation to generation.


Scallop carpaccio, fennel and Delicato olive oil from Leccino olives

Artichoke risotto, matured Pecorino cheese from Sardinia and Novello early harvest olive oil

Roasted lamb chops, parsnip and Olivastro olive oil from Itarana olives

Chestnut cake, hazelnut ice cream and rosemary flavoured caramel sauce

Menu 51€

Restaurant Toscanini is an Italian restaurant seating 60 guests, located on Bulevardi in central Helsinki. Toscanini started its operations in November 2005. The main purpose of the restaurant is to serve authentic Italian food in a relaxed atmosphere.

We want to present you the best flavors of the Italian cuisine. Our menu includes flavors from the many provinces of Italy, each with their own rich culinary traditions. We believe that simple, authentic flavors are the best! Our list also includes classics that have been client favorites ever since 2005. Many people consider Toscanini’s tiramisu the best in the city. Our wine list consists of carefully selected wines from all across Italy.